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Monday, August 29, 2011

Characteristics of Infants-Preschoolers

  • Enjoy action nursery rhymes
  • Fall asleep to nursery songs and lullabies
  • Copy actions of children in books
  • Join in making sounds of animals in the books
  • Relate book to real life
  • Like to see babies in books

  • Like to read the same books multiple times
  • Choose their favourite book from the shelf
  • Explore the world by their senses
  • Like short stories which rhyme
  • Prefers large, clear and realistic pictures
  • Like to name objects in books and magazines

  • Use words to express themselves
  • Struggle for independence, want to do things themselves
  • Play around with language, singing, making sounds
  • Fascinated by other children
  • Enjoy simple folktales, but not fairy tales.

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