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Friday, September 2, 2011

Reading activities for special times

Life is not all about work and no play. During weekends, birthdays, holidays, vacations,rainy days, books make a difference. Books are the right medicine for happy times and sad ones.

1- Make a rainy day book

Put a few sheets of paper together to create a book with your child illustrating it. Write down the sounds made by the rain, the splash, patter and ping of rainfall. Draw pictures of rain equipment, like umbrellas, raincoats, boots. Also, draw pictures of the neighbourhood in the rain, the buildings, people, animals.

Go to the library to get the book "Rain Talk" by Mary Serfoza, where a child listens to the "ping a ding, plip plip, and drum a tum" sounds of the rain. "Get Umbrella" by Taro Yashima, in where three-year-old Momo is awaiting the rain to come, so that she can use her new red boots and umbrella. Seeing what other children do to celebrate the rain gives your children models for their own books.

2- Read before vacations
When preparing for a vacation, get some books from the library. Find books to read about the places you are going. There are informational books about their national parks, historical sites and resorts areas. Also, there are fictional stories set in all parts of the country and world. Ask your chilren's librarian to point out books set in the area you will be visiting. If the books are too difficult for your child to read alone, read aloud to them. Your child will learn that reading is a source of information for all endeavors.

3- Read during vacations
If you travel, books are a important part of your luggage. Bring books along. Encourage your child to keep a journal or diary. Together, write a book about the places you visit and see. If you stay at home, books are even more important to your vacation time. Vacations are a good time to read the more difficult books that take up more time to read.

Did you know -
Kids who are read to do better in school.
Reading aloud to a child raises their self-esteem and reading ability.
Becoming a better reader helps a child do better in social studies and math.
Keeping a diary helps a child become a better writer and reader.
Allowing your child to read in bed is a good habit to start.
Children will read on their own a book that has been read aloud to them.

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