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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Developing Musical Intelligence

Musical Intelligence: The ability to appreciate and produce rhythms and melodies. Bach, Beethoven or Brahms would have processed this intelligence. Music intelligence tends to run in the families, partly because in such families, the child is heavily exposed to music, whether formally or informally. Here's what your child can do to improve his musical intelligence.

1. Sing in the shower or hum a tune while moving from point A to B

2. Play musical games with the family

3. Establish a regular family sing-along time

4. Join a church or community choir

5. Attend concerts or musicals

6. Collect his favorite music CDs and listen to them

7. Spend one hour a week listening to an unfamiliar style of music

8. Put background music while studying, working, eating or during a quiet time in the day

9. Listen to naturally occurring melodies such as bird chirping

10. Have your child make up his/her own tunes

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