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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Ideas for getting started on reading

It is never too early, nor too late to start reading. Once you have the desire to make your child a reader, the rest is simple. There are only a few things you have to do to create a reader, and there are some which are already done. You can't begin too soon, so start today!

Here are a few ideas on getting started to make your child a reader.

1- Keep books handy and accessible
A stack of books in a basket beside the sofa makes it convenient to use those moments anytime an activity is needed. Books put by the bedside table shows that reading is a natural part of the bedtime routine. A home library can be set up at a low cost, maybe even lower than buying breakable toys.

2- Choose books your child likes
A good book that your child likes, would be read over and over again. Compared to an uninteresting book that doesn't hold your child's attention, good books are a lot more effective.

3- Set up a special time for reading
Besides bedtime, there are other times which you can read to your child too. For example, before dinner, while waiting for the other family members, you can entertain them with a book.

4- Read at bedtime
Reading at bedtime works well. When children are tired, read them a story. Maybe short with a short poem or two. Pick a good time that works for you, even better if there would be three or four times a day!

5- Read for 15minutes every day
Or even longer. When you establish book time on a regular schedule, your child will not let you forget about it.

6- Talk about the story as you read
If the story is set in the city, talk about how the pictures in the book look like the ones in your town. If there is a grandfather in the story, say about how he is similar to their grandfather. If your child doesn't understand things in the story, explain as you read.

With these tips, it would be easy to develop a active reader in your child!

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