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Monday, July 18, 2011

Understanding Your Child

Many parents fail to recognize that children are different at different ages.

An infant is a newborn child who has specific needs in order to survive. Infants are defined as from newborn to 12 months in age.

Toddlers refer to young children aged 12 months to three years, who have started developing basic skills in communication, movement and some degree of self care.

Preschoolers are young children between the ages of three to six who are ready for nursery and kindergarten.

It is a challenge to improve the quality of life for our children. Brining up a child is an important and responsible task which changes as the child grows through the stages.


Infants and toddlers



Specific tasks

Sleep, eat and explore

Play and learn

Identify and independence

Parenting skills

Sensitive and responsive

Protective and nurturing

Negotiation and communication

Knowing the needs of your child is an essential part of parenting skills. For a child to grow up into a mature individual, his day-to-day needs must be adequately met.

The needs of children can be divided into three categories:

Physical needs:-

Including wholesome food, adequate clothing, safe shelter, play, rest, sleep and protection from danger and infection.

Emotional/psychological needs:-

Comprising the need for love and security, new experiences, praise and recognition, and responsibilities.

Moral/spiritual needs:-

From the age of two, children begin to have a conscience and are able to feel guilt. This is the period children learn good moral or religious values from the attitudes of their parents.

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