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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Providing your child with confidence

Children become aware of their parents' feelings and behavior. They hear not only the words parents say but the tone of their voices. They observe, recognize their body language and also watches their facial expressions closely. The child will also model himself on the things their parents say and do.

Therefore, the way parents behave and speak to their children has enormous influence on their development. Most importantly, it can affect the children's self-confidence.

When parents praise and affirm their offspring, they ensure that their children grow up with appropriate self-esteem But when parents are critical or inconsistent or even unloving, their children will invariably grow up undervaluing themselves.

Praising and rewarding good behavior is more beneficial than constant criticism. To hug the child and praise him or her for good behavior encourages the child to see that being nice or kind brings rewards. It also encourages good self-esteem.

And on a side note, please remember that it is also important for your children to hear you say that you love them.

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