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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Dealing with Child's frequent tantrums


" Jacklyn, a four year old girl, was brought to us as her parents were worried about her frequent tantrums.Whenever she could not do something well, she would cry. If she lost a card game with her siblings, she would throw away the cards in disgust.Her parents were taught to guide her to understand and accept that sucess is completing the task rather than achieving good results.Good results were a bonus."

Motivation is an important part of learning because with it, a child will develope interest and self belief.

  • Give the child a sense of sucess by giving him tasks that he can do.
  • Don't focus on mistakes but instead point out the correct way.
  • Parents and teachers should not force a child to learn as it generate negative emotions.
  • Minimize comparison with other children.Focus on the child's positive aspects.
  • Stimulate a child's thirst for knowledge by using field trips to the zoo.library,gardens,museums.etc.
  • Encourage participation in non-acafemic activities during tender years. (The 3Rs in tender years should be rest,recreation and relaxation instead of reading,writing and arithmetic.)

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