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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Is your child on the correct track?

Is your child on the correct track?

Characteristics of a child below 2

3 months: Smiles at any face

Parents should provide familiar faces for the child to smile at.

6 months: Smiles at selective people and they put everything into mouth.

Parents should avoid constantly changing caregivers. Ensure that objects that the baby puts into the mouth are safe and nontoxic.

9 months: Sits up on his own, fearful to strangers but have close mother-child relationship.

Let the toddler sit in places where he can see many things. Avoid having strangers make a sudden appearance on the child. Mother should make a point to spend time with the child especially if they have started working.

1 year: Try to stands and drools less often.

Allow surfaces for the child to hold on to for support such as using walkers and should stop using the baby bib.

18 months: Kids start walking

Make sure the floor is safe and nonslip to prevent falls. Limit the areas where the child can explore safely.

2 years: Learn to talk, self-fed, toilet trained. They will start to develop conscience, resistant and stubborn, notice three-person relationship, sibling rivalry and Ignores danger.

Let the child explore within independence by allowing safe limits. Encourage independence by allowing the child to try things out under supervision.

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