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Friday, April 29, 2011

Child Reading Milestones

This is a general outline of the milestones on the road to reading and the ages at which most kids reach them.

Keep in mind that kids develop at different paces and spend varying amounts of time at each stage. If you have concerns, talk to your child's doctor, teacher, or the reading specialist at school. Early intervention is key in helping kids who are struggling to read.

Infancy (Up to Age 1)

Kids usually begin to:
•imitate sounds they hear in language
•respond when spoken to
•look at pictures
•reach for books and turn the pages with help
•respond to stories and pictures by vocalizing and patting the pictures

Toddlers (Ages 1-3)

Kids usually begin to:
•answer questions about and identify objects in books — such as "Where's the cow?" or "What does the cow say?"
•name familiar pictures
•use pointing to identify named objects
•pretend to read books
•finish sentences in books they know well
•scribble on paper
•know names of books and identify them by the picture on the cover
•turn pages of board books
•have a favorite book and request it to be read often

Early Preschool (Age 3)

Kids usually begin to:
•explore books independently
•listen to longer books that are read aloud
•retell a familiar story
•recite the alphabet
•begin to sing the alphabet with prompting and cues
•make continuous symbols that resemble writing
•imitate the action of reading a book aloud

Late Preschool (Age 4)

Kids usually begin to:
•recognize familiar signs and labels, especially on signs and containers
•make up rhymes or silly phrases
•recognize and write some of the letters of the alphabet
•read and write their names
•name letters or sounds that begin words
•match some letters to their sounds
•use familiar letters to try writing words

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