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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Feed your child right

Troubled over your sick child?

1) Use familiar and well-liked foods (not to try new food)

2) Use differently coloured foods and pretty dished to make the food look attractive
*Different colored vegetables look nice than one large serving of the same vegetable

3) Serve only small portions. Individual portions more attractive than taking food from the family dish.

4) Straws make milk *drinking fun and also help to prevent spillages.

5) Serve food in convenient bite-sized pieces to avoid child hang to bite or cut.
* Toast can be cut into small fingers ideal for dipping into a soft-boiled egg.

Milk : Any form is suitable ( ice-cream, custards, milk shakes as dessert)

Eggs : Easy to digest , valuable source of protein,iron & other nutrients

Cereals : Infant cereals mixed with milk, liquidised oats

Porridge and noodle soups : Congee, macaroni cooked in clear soups are easy to digest, help to boost fluid and energy intakes.

Fruits : Excellent source of vitamin C and should be given to your child at least once a day.( Freshly squeezed orange juice )

Meat and fish: Lightly cooked liver, chicken or fish can be sieved or blended and added to soups or stews)

Soups : Plain stock can be enriched by adding vegetables or meat purees and some milk.

When your child has been off his food for a long time , it may be advisable to give him mineral supplement, which your doctor can prescribe.

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