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Learning Buzz
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Sunday, February 20, 2011


It is a universal axiom that everyone knows and understands - reading is the greatest habit. Reading to younger children is still more effective. A child who inculcates the habit of reading at an early age will be the wisest and intelligent person in the later stages of his or her life. Reading habit should start at your home and by your children's bed side. Bring home great books and read their content to your children, especially when they go to sleep. As you read stories to your children just before they go to bed, the moral of the story will sink in their mind very quickly.

Some examples are:

Reading story books that contain morals and principles.

Reading books that ask children many questions and pose queries.

Reading books that enhance imagination and visualization.

Reading books that promote thinking and deductive skills

Tips: Books are our best friends. Books enhance our image and self esteem. Take your children to a local public library and show them the books, magazines and journals stacked on the racks. Get them a library card if they are above 18 years. Show them how the books are neatly arranged and indexed. Ask them to chose their own books and get it loaned against their name. Allow them to read their own books, recite the stories and morals behind them.

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