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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Handling upsets in life

" Young children are easily upset. Parents should be aware of this and try to make the environment as child-friendly as possible. Remove obstacles so that he can do many things himself. This will teach him independence and prepare him for growing up. A tired and hungry child may be more prone to upsets so make sure your child is well rested and fed."

  • Teach your child to accept setbacks by allowing him to experience the setbacks.

  • Don't allow the child to run away and avoid difficult tasks.

  • Don't overprotect the child.

  • Make him understand and accept the disappointments in life.

  • Be positive and help the child to develop the courage to face setbacks.

  • Teach him from each setbacks and not to repeat mistakes.

  • Parents should be objective and not grumbleand nag.

  • Don't put the child down and condemn him just for one mistake.

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