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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Read Every Day

Children love routine, and reading is something that you and your child can look forward to every day. By taking the time to read with your child, you show him or her that reading is important and fun to do.

Try to read with your child as often as possible. Its the best thing you can do to help him or her learn at school! It also allows you to spend time together in an enjoyable way and to build a strong and healthy relationship.

Start reading with your child when he or she is very young.

Set aside a special time each day when you can give your full attention to reading with your child.

Choose a comfortable spot to read, where you can be close to your child. Make it your "reading place"! Set aside a special shelf in that area for your childs books.

Choose a variety of books.

Vary the length of reading time according to your childs age and interests. For young children, several short sessions (of 10 minutes each) may be better than one long session (of 30 minutes).

Read slowly so that your child can form a mental picture of what is happening in the story.

Praise your child for his or her ideas and participation!

When you and your child are away from home, take along books, magazines, and books-on-tape for your child to read and listen to.

Keep reading to your child even after he or she has learned to read. By reading stories that will interest your child but that are above his or her reading level, you can stretch your childs understanding and keep alive the magic of shared reading.

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