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Monday, September 7, 2009

The important of starting young with Math

It has been argued that math is the only truly universal language - and it’s easy to see why. Mathematics is the language of logic and reasoning; it is the language of pattern and symmetry. Mathematics brings order out of the apparent randomness of life. Mathematics is beautiful. For those of us who have never studied advanced mathematics, popular science books and TV programs provide windows into a world that keeps mathematicians and physicists enthralled their entire lives.

Even if we may never experience the elegant intricacies of advanced mathematics, it's easy to appreciate how powerful a deeper understanding of mathematics can be. How do people fly to the moon and back? How does a bridge remain stable, even during the fiercest hurricane or typhoon? How does the heating or air conditioning system know when to shut off and start up again in order to keep the room at a constant temperature? All of these things depend on mathematics.

Although we left it till the end, this is actually the most important reason of all for teaching your baby math. Babies love learning about quantity, and they love seeing equations – as long as both of these things are presented in a fun, happy way. If you use your toddler’s favorite animal or cartoon character for your Little Math lessons, it won’t take long for your child to start asking to see them on a regular basis – probably more often than you had planned to show them!

What’s more, children who begin understanding mathematics at an early age are immensely proud of their achievements. All of us feel great when we know the right answer to something. Perhaps no other subject makes such clear distinctions between right and wrong as mathematics.

Mathematics lessons have always been good for babies. The difference now is that these lessons look as fun as they possibly can, and require as little preparation as possible, too. For parents at least, there has surely never been a better time than right now to teach babies math.

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