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Learning Buzz
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Monday, June 25, 2012

Language is a great communication tool ever known to humankind. Without languages, civilizations may cease to exist while learning different language will lead to proper understanding of global culture, customs and traditions. Children acquire language skills when they are infants. Children also acquire linguistic skills by speaking it and through creative mimicry. When children are in their infancy, their language skill acquisition is very simple and basic. However, it becomes very complex with each passing day and when children become adults. Amazingly, children are very adept at learning languages when they are four months old as they can easily read lip movements and learn to recognize simple, speech sounds.

Early language skills are very critical for the success of children. Language, learnt when young, could have amazing effects both on the academic and professional achievements. Learning one language can bring about huge changes in the attitude and intelligence level of a child. What happens when a child learn and speaks in two different languages? Certainly, it is a great advantage because speaking in two languages offers many practical benefits that help children succeed in a truly competitive world. Latest research findings suggest that being bilingual makes your children smarter, wiser and intelligent. Learning two languages may have extraordinary effect on your children's brain by enhancing cognitive skills those are unconnected to learning language. Some reports even suggest that learning two languages may decrease the likelihood of developing dementia in old ages.

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