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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Reading to Baby

Reading is one of the ways to help your baby to learn about communication. Communication involves listening to and understanding the messages of others and being able to respond with a clear message. Producing a clear message involves the use of speech sounds and the use of language through words and sentences, plus non-verbal behaviours like facial expressions and gestures.
Why read to my baby? - Holding your baby and sharing a book is a very special time.
- Babies learn that reading is important when you hold them, and show them pictures in a book, and you talk about the pictures.
- Babies enjoy being read to because they like the sound of your voice and they like having you close for some special time together.
- Babies enjoy looking at the pictures and listening to the rhythm of your voice long before they can understand the words.
- Babies enjoy looking at what you point to and show them in books. They also like pointing to pictures themselves so they can share them with you.

How can I read with my baby? -Try to create a time for reading with your child every day when your baby is alert and showing interest in what is happening around him. It may be a good idea to read at the same time every day or in the same special chair.
- Babies see most clearly at a distance of about 20-25 cms, and when they are very young they like to look at clear, simple shapes which are brightly coloured.
- When reading, try to look both at the book and your baby. Point to the pictures and talk about the things your baby is looking at.
- When reading aloud, try to use your voice in many ways to make the story time as interesting for your baby as possible – loud and soft, happy and sad.
- If you find books your baby loves, read them over and over and try to use the same reading voice each time so they get used to the pattern.
- You will need to be persistent when reading to your baby, as the length of time your baby will be able to attend to a story will grow over time.
- Some parents do not like reading, but holding your baby, looking at a book and talking about the pictures may give your baby a better start with reading than you had.
- You do not have to say the words that are written on the page – you can make up stories to go along with the pictures.
- Make sharing books with your baby as much fun as possible.

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