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Friday, January 20, 2012

Baby development

" Development is the term used to describe the physical changes in your baby, as well as his amazing ability to learn the skills he needs for life. As your baby grows, these skills and abilities become more and more complex. "

Baby's Facts !

If your baby seems to forget how to do something, it’s likely he’s become fascinated by learning a new task, and will surprise you by doing the earlier skills when he’s ready. Your baby will constantly repeat actions like waving, clapping or making a particular sound, then suddenly stop. These skills will also reappear.
Most healthy babies who have plenty of love and attention develop new skills in a completely natural and continually surprising way. So much development takes place in the first 12 months that this is an amazing process for parents to watch.

Babies grow and develop at tremendously different rates – and often with blissful disregard for what parenting textbooks say they’ll be doing.Your instincts, plus knowing that your baby eats and sleeps well, and that she isn’t grizzly whenever she’s awake, tell you far more than a growth or development chart can.

Enjoy the variations.

These variations are what make development so exciting and memorable.

Developmental milestones
Developmental achievements are called ‘milestones’. Growth and development milestones are a useful guide, but they aren’t something to get too worried about. Developmental milestones are grouped under headings according to the parts of the body they refer to:

1) Large body movements involve the coordination and control of large muscles and skills like walking, sitting and running.
2) Small body movements (or manipulation) involve the coordination and control of small muscles, and skills like holding a rattle, picking up crumbs and scribbling with a pencil.
3) Vision is the ability to see near and far, and to interpret what’s seen.
4) Hearing is the ability to hear, listen to and interpret sounds, whereas speech is the ability to produce sounds that form words.
5) Social behaviour and understanding is your child’s ability to learn and interact with others, including skills for play and connecting and communicating.

Developmental delay
* Developmental progress can be affected by delays. These delays might be temporary or, less often, permanent. Premature birth and illness are two things that might cause temporary delays. Some disabilities can cause permanent delay. A baby’s development can also suffer because of her environment.

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