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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How reading makes a differnce

Reading makes a difference in unexpected parts of our lives. Books can be used to reassure a child who needs to face something that frightens him or her. By reading a story several times about a frightening or scary procedure, it would help to calm and reassure the child. This way, the child would be able to face those bravely.

Books can help you as a parent in many family situations. When a new baby is going to arrive, books that deal with this situation help a child with their deep inner fears of being replaced or unloved.

Books can also ease concerns about losing a tooth, serving as a flower girl in a wedding, having an operation, or other events. There is a backward and forward flow between books and what happens in real life, children can use real life experiences to help them understand books and books help them to understand real life.

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