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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Living and learning

Wondering have you and your child seen that learning doesn't cost a penny and can be something as fun and simple as activities such as going out for a walk, kicking about on a field with full of gold and brown leaves, and watching sunset/sunrise together? In fact, real life opportunities for children to think about and learn from are every bit as valuable in brain development.

Here are a few ways that you can put into real life with your child-
1) Real life maths learning is a great way for child to develop.
Maths is full of abstract ideas that aren't always easy for children to get a grasp of. But put maths to work in real life and that all changes. A simple thing such as help your child figure out the weekly shopping budget with you can complement their academic study by making maths real.

2) Let children brainstorm and problem solve with you.
Thinking and problem solving do not always require tailor-made activities to engage the brain. Everyday life is on big problem-solving activity! There is always a birthday party or big family event just around the corner and these are brilliant opportunities for children to use their brain and gain confidence.

3) Check your child's social diary before booking a day out.
You have just spend an amount of money, you arrive at your destination, only to find your child is going there on a school trip next week, It happens - Simply because today's lifestyle are busy and hectic.

4) Get the best value for money from days out.
Most venues are just as keen as you that you get the best value for your money, and they are most likely to work with large school visits so are used to dealing with children.

5) Avoid 'Are we there yet'
Children don't have any idea of time and distance, This is easily remedied by turning trips into brain training exercises - ask your child to help plan the journey with you.

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