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Learning Buzz
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Tips for busy parents

In the preschool years, your chidl is a learning machine. He learns even when you don't know he's learning. The most important things you want your child to do is to get to know books, come to love books, and to learn about the language.

These learning tasks can be accomplished if you just do these simple things.

Reading a bedtime story- This cannot be started too early or repeated too often. The fun times when you and your child are together is important in establishing a lifelong habit.

Reading the same book over and over- Unlike yourself, your child will want the repetition of the happy experience.

Give your child markers, paper and pencils- Children need to make notes on paper to learn that they can write down what we say, and that they are able to write too. Look over your child's writing, and keep writing supplies in a special place where you can bring out while keeping an eye on your child.

Write messages to your child- When you are away, leave a message for your child to read. Leave a note on the fridge, or in their lunchbox.

Label your child's possessions- Children need to see their names everywhere.

Make alphabet books- Staple together 26 pieces of paper, write a letter on each page. Get your child to fill each page with words or pictures that begin with the letter that is on it. She can also write her own name, and her friend's name too.

Put magnetic letters on the refrigerator- Many children learned to read from magnetic letters on the refrigerator. You got to form the letters into words, especially your child's name, and get your child to do the same.

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