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Monday, June 6, 2011

How children learn language

You are your children’s first and most important teacher, and you’ve already taught them one of the most complex and difficult skills imaginable- language.
You children learned to talk, listen and to understand language from you. To you, it may be natural for them. It is amazing to realize that if you do the same things you did to teach your children to talk; they will learn to read and write naturally too.
The same conditions that help children learn to talk also help them learn other skills, like reading and writing, a part of language. This can be learned in the very same way that children learned to talk. If we do the same things we did when our children were learning to talk, they can learn to read and write with the same ease.
We say that a child learns to talk naturally, but if you think about what you did to help your child learn to talk, you’ll see that there were certain learning conditions present. For example, from the every moment your child was born, you surrounded her with language. You talked to her while you were feeing her, while you were dressing her, while you were bathing her. We literally drench children in words as we fill every moment with sounds of our language. Even though you know she can’t understand you, you still kept on talking.
Just as you surrounded her with talk, now we need to do the same with reading and writing. This is how children learn language at early ages.

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